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One beauty-queen-turned-shifter out to squash her evil ex boyfriend. Two vampires looking for a one-of-a-kind girl to help reclaim their stolen throne. And a sexy bargain that’s triple the fun…

The only thing worse than dating a mad scientist who couldn’t keep his swizzle stick out of other women’s beakers? Discovering he secretly revenge-altered your DNA while you were sleeping.

Now, I’m the world’s only rhino shifter.
That’s right. A rhinoceros.

I went from second-runner-up at the Miss U.S. pageant, spending hours perfecting my ballet routine, spray tanning, and selecting the perfect push-up bra, to rolling in the mud to keep the ticks away and wondering what I’ll do if militant shifters determined to kill freaks like me catch up with me before I’m able to stay human full time.

Enter two stupidly hot vampires who say they can give me what I need.
All night long…

Okay, so they don’t say the second part flat-out, but it’s all sorts of implied. I scratch their backs, they’ll scratch mine, and we’ll all part ways with multiple O’s, no regrets, and no one’s head on a pike outside Kin Born Shifter headquarters.

But what happens when I fall in love? With both of them?
Or when I decide maybe being one-of-a-kind isn’t so bad, after all?
Can rhinos live happily ever after?

Push Up Brawl is a red hot stand alone urban fantasy romance set in the world of Bella Jacob’s Dark Moon Shifters series. Each of these steamy standalone tales end with a happily ever after and can be enjoyed alone or as part of the larger Dark Moon universe. No Cliffhanger.

Pre-order here: https://amzn.to/2CATUke

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